About Our Makers and Tinkers Workshops for Kindergarten through Second Grade

Makers and Tinkers is an Early Childhood Engineering and Design-focused program intended for school-age children from Kindergarten through Second Grade. These programs can be tailored to last either one hour or ninety minutes, depending on the preference of the host school.

During each “Makers and Tinkers” session for grades K through 2, work will begin with a literature connection focused on a specific concept (such as this week, “The Power of Air,” which looks at Air Pressure and “Air as a Push”). During the class, the group will use hands-on learning methods to investigate concepts delineated in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in the areas of Physics, Inquiry and Technology/Engineering for that grade-level.

Children will work independently, in pairs, or in small groups to practice critical thinking and collaboration skills, and acquire important practice with using a growth mindset and responding to failure. Children will create with loose parts, engage in the planning process of engineering, and “attack” STEM challenges from different angles.

According to the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework (DESE, 2006), The “Skills of Inquiry, Experimentation, and Design” include the ability to:

  • Ask questions about objects, organisms, and events in the environment.
  • Tell about why and what would happen if?
  • Make predictions based on observed patterns.
  • Name and use simple equipment and tools (e.g., rulers, meter sticks, thermometers, hand lenses, and balances) to gather data and extend the senses.
  • Record observations and data with pictures, numbers, or written statements.
  • Discuss observations with others.

Makers and Tinkers will seek to touch on these skills, providing opportunities to apply them in context.

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