Professional Development & Consulting

pro-dev-1Curious Kids Lynnfield can be hired to help you address needs for Professional Development regarding implementing and improving hands-on, developmentally-appropriate STEAM-based learning experiences!

We works with preschools, full-time child care centers, and integrated public preschools to offer professional development seminars that focus on implementing developmentally appropriate STEAM-based instruction in Early Childhood settings.

Prior to workshops and presentations, Curious Kids Lynnfield’s owner works with staff and administration to establish clear goals for the learning experience. Then, through these workshops, early educators are offered the chance to:

  • unpack the relevant state-mandated content in Massachusetts, which can include at the discretion of the host school: the Massachusetts Frameworks in the areas of Science, Technology/Engineering, Arts and Math; the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences (2003); and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s Social-Emotional Learning and Approaches to Play and Learning (2015)
  • build a rhetoric for why we “teach STEAM”
  • distinguish differences between “Digital Literacy” versus technology as it’s presented in the Massachusetts Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences
  • study methods for providing implicit and explicit STEAM-related learning experiences in daily practice, including through onboarding a “Tinkering” model if desired
  • consider resources for curriculum ideas
  • develop a repertoire of quality documentation practice
  • collaborate with colleagues to develop curriculum that weaves together concepts explored during our workshop time

pro-dev-2The end product of our collective work will be a collection of collaborative lesson plans, background knowledge about the learning experiences preschoolers should be provided with in order to build prior knowledge for later schooling, and motivation and resources to hit the ground running with STEAM-based instruction.

On-site Consulting

Curious Kids Lynnfield also offers on-site consulting services, and can be hired to teach model lessons and provide feedback and ideas for implementing STEAM-based learning experiences on an hourly or daily basis.

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