About Our STEAM School Classes for Preschoolers


STEAM School is an enrichment program for preschoolers ages two years, nine months and up who are curious about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math and who would like to pursue opportunities to explore these concepts beyond the current preschool curriculum.

Classes last a half-hour, and will be organized around a theme that supports the focus of the host school (i.e. in October, when the host school is exploring the theme Halloween) in order to structure and connect learning concepts for students. Classes include a literature connection as an activator, with exploration of texts across a wide variety of genres.

During each class, children will operate both independently and collaboratively to investigate math, technology, science, engineering and art concepts in a hands-on way. The objective of STEAM School is to expose students to as much thought-provoking material as possible, but to make it as relatable as possible.

Students’ work will be diverse and include things like investigating different biomes and organisms, constructing simple machines, considering animal adaptations, investigating age-appropriate physics themes such as surface tension. These learning experiences target content in the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s (2003) and the Social-Emotional Learning and Approaches to Play and Learning (2015) documents.

During STEAM School classes, children will be encouraged to:


  • Collaborate
  • Dig deeper
  • Problem solve
  • Share their thinking
  • Observe
  • Authentically engage with the world around them
  • Think critically about what they see

STEAM School classes provide a great opportunity to engage young learners in a love of STEAM-related subjects when they are most open to developing and maintaining enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, art and math.

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